Monday, April 02, 1990

I didn't get many responses but some were very enthusiastic:
Greetings from our beautiful country which is free after long and lost 40 years!!!
I hope you understand: exciting and exhausting time in our country: chaotic situation in politics / 91 parties come into existence / anarchy in public affairs, social upheavel...but the situation now has a more favourable aspect...made many changes in cultural life, in art, in literature, etc. etc. reform movement goes to better! Stalinism died! First step to democracy was made!!! Oho! It's quite "easy"! our country returned to Europe again...communist party suffers sweeping defeat!
I cannot's midnight just now...our two small girls and Ra, my wife, are sleeping...I must get up at six in the usually falls asleep after midnight...I can only work during nights when our daughters are sleeping....
-Petr Sevcík, Ostrava Czechoslovakia, March 28, 1990
While others were more guarded:
...I cannot promise you anything sure. One of the causes of this is that in Hungary now the only thing that is not uncertain is uncertainty...It is difficult to plan because of an imminent crisis and inflation in Hungary.
- Endre Szka'rosi, Budapest Hungary, April 2, 1990
Many of the early responses, whether positive or negative, provided new addresses for me to contact, which I did. In all I sent out approximately 600 letters and received about 50 responses.