Thursday, January 18, 1990

My first real attempt at developing a [mostly] wordless, portable performance in this new [for me] style went pretty well. This was the first Brief Amaze performance, at The Lab, on October 15, 1989. I made a series of relatively simple actions. A bell would ring every three minutes & I would stop what I was doing & do something else. I stood still in my black suit, white shirt, tie, etc. I wrote text on the a blackboard. I took my clothes off & stood still. I crawled naked in a circle on the floor.

I sat at a table & covered one side of my head with white paint, one side with red.

My red side then started to pick a quarrel with my right side.

I used words here but mainly to help me raise my energy level enough to start striking myself.

My red side attacked my white side & both crashed to the floor & rolled around wrestling fiercely-

- until the bell rang & I had to do something else. I think I went & sat in the audience & looked at the empty stage for three minutes at that point. Sitting in the audience was the halfway point of the performance & I sort of did a lot of things in reverse on my way towards some kind of ending: a bell ringing.