Monday, January 01, 1990


In the history of human civilization it's the Road that played the most important part in the exchange of cultural experiences. It binded people living under different civilization levels, but also created barriers between them, barriers which were impossible to cross.... The Road was, and remains till today, a mysterious and fascinating area of the human universe, where a creative thought of the human mind is to discover. The end of every Road is the goal, exposing the human aim. The Roads of mankind, the straight and the curved ones, sometimes clear and at times not, forces the man, today, to ask questions about the future, to which the world is aiming and with what heritage will it enter the XXI century....

January 1, 1991, Catalogue essay for THE WAY, an installation by Jerzy Wankiewicz & Iwona Lukawska at International Workshop, Rugia Island, Germany